Monday, December 7, 2009

And the bunnies are back...

I had finally gotten comfy in bed last night. The lights were out and I was just starting to drift off, when I felt my better half sliding out of bed. She went to the bedroom window and drew up the blind, before opening the window a crack to provide some ventilation. She stood there for a moment and I heard her whisper: "Ooooohhh... a bunny! There's a bunny in our back yard... Come see him!!"

I love the bunnies... their presence is always welcome on our property and it provides us with entertaining moments during the winter months. But I was far too comfy after finally having settled into bed, to want to get up and view one... "That's nice, Honey...", I replied. But no... she was not to be denied.

"Oooohhh, come look... He's sitting up on his haunches...". *Sigh!* Clearly she was not going to come back to bed until I had shared this vision with her... Half grudgingly, I clambered out of bed and limped my way to the window. Sure enough, there sitting in the middle of our now snow-covered lawn, was a sizeable cottontail. It seemed to be surveying it's domain, as though it had just returned from a lengthy hiatus and was taking stock of what had and hadn't changed. I was hoping the enclosed bottom section of the deck met with it's approval, although we hadn't spread out straw on the crushed stone, as we had in previous years.

I remembered back a couple of years, when the rabbits were daily visitors to our yard. Those were the days before our Mountie neighbour moved in and decided to let loose his murderous orange cat on our little slice of suburbia. If I get the chance, I will kill that cat. Sure, people will opine that the cat is just doing what comes naturally. He's a predator. And thay are correct. But at the risk of having to remind anyone, I am a human. I am THE apex predator in our little slice of suburbia and I get to decide what may occupy my yard... not some expendable orange cat.

Yes, the bunnies are back and I'm happy about that. Who knows? With his house on the market yet again, maybe our Mountie and his killer cat will be departing for greener pastures someday soon. One can only hope.

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