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He Needed Killing...

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“The truth is that all men having power ought to be mistrusted.” — James Madison

He Needed Killing...
5 August 2006, 12:59 pm by Art Downs

It has been said that in Texas, the state that leads in the total of executions per year, one exonerating excuse for what might seem murder is that the target (”victim” conveys an erroneous connotation) needed killing. Few would dispute this in the case of self-defense.

However, there seem to be cases where the killing was justified even when the deceased was not in an immediate position to inflict harm but had a particularly evil train of misdeeds. This was portrayed fictionally in the film Murder on the Orient Express where the Inspector decided that the cause of death was suicide.

In the real world, the acquittal of Robert Blake was a matter of true justice. Delaware (which leads the nation in per capita executions) provided a similar instance of wisdom in a case that never even went to trial.

The hard facts of the killing seem to cry out for a murder one charge. A 28 year old man blew away his 65 year old father with a head shot on the lawn of his mother's home, covered the corpse with a plastic tarp, and called the police several hours after the shooting. The son confessed to the killing and was arrested, along with his mother. Charges against the mother were dropped.

Yet there is a "rest of the story". The father was a sadistic control freak. He punished his older son in such unique ways as burning his musical instrument, nailing his clothes to the roof of the family house (with the kid wearing them), and slashing the tires of his motorbike. Despite this abuse, the two sons stayed out of trouble and were known for their pleasant dispositions. The mother finally did the right thing and moved out, taking her two sons with her.

Daddy dearest did not stay away from his estranged family and the last time he made an angry foray onto their property, one son took the .22 LR solution. It was hinted that the delay in reporting the shooting was prompted by a fear that the old man was not yet dead.

Justice was done in Delaware.

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J Bsharah said...

It's absolutely true that there are some people who truly "need killin'" and a prosecutor or a jury should use some common sense.