Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy Pearl Harbour Day...!!!

Many years ago as I served as a member of Canadian Forces Base Halifax, specifically the CFFS (Canadian Forces Fleet School) Halifax and the CFNOS (Canadian Forces Naval Operations School), we first hit on the idea of celebrating Pearl Harbour Day.

A demented cronie of mine and myself, decided that it would be a means of promoting US Naval History, as well as letting our American exchange officers know that we always had their best interests at heart. So began the period of hand-crafted Pearl Harbour Day cards, distributed surreptitiously (initially) to our American counterparts. The practise grew to the point where if one of them did not receive their yearly card, they would feel slighted and actually become despondent.

This then became recognised as: the day our American exchange officers go out and get bombed!!

So... for any of you out on the East Coast, who might still be carrying on this tradition: Happy Pearl Harbour Day, one and all!!

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aackpht said...

No one acknowledges 12/7 anymore. My neighbors continually ask why I'm flying a 48 star coffin flag today, and I have to remind them the flag is flying for the boys at Pearl Harbor. Honestly, lots of Americans are retards.