Wednesday, December 23, 2009

On fashion and religion...

It has occurred to me recently that the worlds of fashion and religion, share certain similarities. For one, both of them come from the minds of man.

Secondly, they are actually important only to those who stand to profit from them.

Thirdly, they are both designed to enslave the minds and wallets of the weak-minded masses.

Fourthly, those who willingly turn over control of their lives to either of these social diseases, then find themselves complaining about the fact that "they are controlling their lives..."

Now, seriously... how absurd is that?

Both of these equally erroneous 'belief systems' hold out the promise of superiority, elitism, acceptance and pseudo-salvation, although from what is still somewhat unclear. Both of these precepts are based on flawed human perceptions and require that the individual abandon their own personal sense of self and beliefs, in order to blindly adopt theirs. Religion claims to offer salvation from death, presumably by giving us the option of an eternal afterlife. We are the only living creatures on earth who consistently deny our own mortality. Clearly we have issues here, which we have chosen to "deal with" by adopting a comforting fairy tale...

Fashion? What could fashion possibly deliver us from? Perhaps the intent here is that it will "save us from appearing normal, common...", as though there should be any kind of negative connotation associated with being common. True, we exist in a period where for some insane reason, many are smitten with the appearance and false allure of fame and popularity. These are the idiots who believe if you are not a popular socialite, a rock star or a screen legend by the time you're 21, then your life has been a waste and you are to consider yourself as a failure.

Both of them prey on the now-common human belief that a person by him or herself, living a normal productive life, is simply not worthy of love, respect, acceptance or recognizance. It is something to be avoided at all costs. According to those who peddle these diseases, we are lacking something essential in our lives, that only they can provide us with... for a price.

Does this sound familiar to anyone...?

You have no idea how much simpler and saner your entire life becomes, when you simply say no to both of these raging dysfunctions. Oh, and for a final parting shot...? For all you women out there, who constantly whine and attempt to blame your slavish addiction to fashion on men??? Give it up. It is only your own overriding vanity that fuels your insanity when it comes to the world of fashion. Men have absolutely nothing to do with it. Besides, it is a well-known fact that women dress only for other women. It's the big competition. The eternal game of "I look better than you"...

And when women find that they do not have the gear to measure up anymore, what do they do? They complain that they feel so badly because they have failed to achieve that "unreachable gold standard, obviously set by a man". Bullshit, Honey. You simply measured yourself up against someone who had more of what you wished you had. The fact that you feel you have to compare yourself with others, should be the very first indicator that something is not right with you. If you believe you 'have to dress or look a certain way' simply because someone else says that you should... you're an idiot and have a lot of work to do on yourself. It's that simple.

All these bullshit excuses about what Hollywood, Madison Avenue, Paris or Milan hold up as being the female ideal, don't hold any water. None of you who use this old chestnut of an excuse, live anywhere near these fashion centres. You are the ones who have bought into this lie because you don't like or can't accept who you are. The so-called fashion moguls are only there to enable you and make money off your insecurities. It's a sort of symbionic sickness, if you will. And that's just sad.

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Well Said!