Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A nice start to the day...

So my Honey is back from her world travels (Australia) and last night, we took our time going over some 600+ photographs of her month-long trip to the Land Down Under. As they were on disk, we simply popped them into the XBOX 360 system and were able to view them on the 51" screen down in our games room. It was very entertaining. The highlights were shots of her in Sydney Harbour, scaling Bluff Knoll, Point Leeuwin and of course, feeding young 'roos in South Australia.

As of late, she has been kind enough to drive me into work in the mornings. I'm good for taking the proverbial 'Loser Cruiser', but this gives us some added quiet time in the morning. This morning as we were coming around the carousel turn of the Rockcliffe Parkway, there standing in the field on the right-hand side, were four does.

After a 'deer drought' of sorts and particularily after hearing of the six-pointer buck's demise, it was so nice to have their presence in that area re-confirmed. The fields were well frosted and there seemed to be a sort of ice-fog hanging over the areas closer to the water. It presented a very nice tableau indeed. The remainder of the drive in was blissfully uneventful and we had time to share a latté after we had arrived here.

All in all. it was a very nice start to the day. :)

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aackpht said...

Very pleasant indeed! If one offers congrats when one's Honey returns, then congrats!