Thursday, January 8, 2009

Call of the Week...

Now, I'll often refer to many of our callers from BC as being 'stoners'. Let's face it, if anyone has earned that kind of rep, it's the folks out in the Pacific Region. L.A. North, as I often call it. There may be some who might question my unabashed use of this blanket statement, but should there be any doubt, listen to this gem that my cohort "The D-Man" received this morning.

Apparently a young fella calls up and states that he launched a message in a bottle some time ago. He is concerned because the message has not yet reached Germany. Are you following this so far...? Good! So anyway, he wants to know if we would have any idea of what might have happened to it. Like would it have been picked up by a commercial fishing vessel, swallowed by Moby Dick or what?

How much 'BC Bud' do you think this individual must have smoked, in order to think that a bottle thrown off the coast of BC, would be able to somehow navigate it's way to Germany...? Would that be through the Panama Canal or all the way around by Tierra del Fuego...?

Gotta love those Left Coasters... Can we say: "Jim Ignatowsky?"

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