Thursday, January 29, 2009

On drone strikes in Pakistan...

NOTE:  The above-captioned picture is incorrect. The Predator drone has downward-facing rear stabilizers. The version pictured above is actually a Reaper drone.

So I'm reading through Pakistan's Dawn newspaper today and I came upon this article:

January 29, 2009
Safar 02, 1430
Unilateral US decision not binding on Pakistan: Rabbani: Drone attacksBy Iftikhar A. Khan

ISLAMABAD, Jan 28: The Senate was informed on Wednesday that the government had not been informed by the United States about its decision to continue drone attacks in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas.

Speaking on a point of order raised by Professor Khursheed Ahmed, Leader of the House Mian Raza Rabbani rejected the claim of US Defence Secretary Robert Gates that a message had been conveyed to Islamabad about Washington’s decision to continue the attacks inside Pakistani territory.

“Till the very moment no written communication of this nature has been received by the Pakistan government from the US administration,” he added. He said that what Mr Gates had said about the US plan was a unilateral decision which was not binding on Pakistan.

If any operation was required it would be carried out by Pakistani security forces, he added. Mr Rabbani said Pakistan being a sovereign state would not tolerate any aerial or territorial attack and the government was well aware of people’s sentiments. Sons of the soil, he added, would lay down their lives to defend the country if a need arose.

He said the PPP-led government had launched a diplomatic offensive to get the drone attacks stopped. He said the Parliamentary Committee on National Security would also firm up its recommendations on possible options to deal with the situation if the attacks were not halted.

Professor Khursheed said it was no more a question of understanding when it had been declared by the US that the drone attacks would continue. He said the government should be prepared to take retaliatory action against any future air violation.


There has been a very large amount of feet-dragging by the Pakistanis when it comes to dealing with the Taliban and Al Qaida elements in the Northern Tribal Areas. There can only be two possible reasons for this:

1. They are cowards and afraid to take them on (let's face it, entire garrisons surrender to a dozen or so militants); or

2. They still aid, support and abbet them and any incursions into their territory are half-hearted, theatrical affairs at best.

In either case, their statement that "Pakistan is a sovereign state", is a farce. A joke. It is a country that, willingly or not, has been hijacked and held captive by the forces of an insanely militant few. If one is to believe that the new government is not once more in bed with the Taliban itself, that is. I myself do not trust the new Pakistani elect any further than I can throw them.

The Taliban and Al Qaida own Pakistan. They own their Intelligence Services. As far as the US carrying on with drone attacks in the lawless Northern Region, I see no reason for them to stop. They obviously share that opinion. God knows the locals aren't taking care of business. Never send in a slave to do a free man's job...

These clowns are saying that the decision for the US to carry on with it's pre-emptive and punitive strikes in their Northern Region, was a unilateral one and not binding on Pakistan. Isn't that like overstating the obvious? Hasn't it always been unilateral? If it were up to Pakistan, the US would be relegated to sitting across the border in Afghanistan (just like we are...), waiting for the scumbags to waltz across the line before they could dispatch their psychotic asses to Allah. Pakistan doesn't have to go along with it... just don't fucking get in the way, is all.

Remember the old saying: "Friendly fire... isn't!"

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