Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Busy times around here...

Our call volume has reached the level where I can't even consider posting anything on this site. The stampede created by the Transport Canada ad campaign of 2 weeks ago, has not abated. If anything, it has snowballed into this avalanche of calls on a daily basis. Training starts today for the new group of Information Officers who will be tending this line during the spring and summer months. They have only hired on 4 to handle the calls for the whole of Canada. I can see losing at least one due to burnout. I hope they're ready for this.

Yesterday was my military daughter's B-Day, which she celebrated by taking a day off with her man. Good for the both of them. Big changes on their horizons, as they make their way to the kind of life they want to lead. I believe both of them will be leaving the military, in favor of a more 'agrarian' style of life. I personally am all for it. They have both done their share in the defense of this country and have certainly earned a more tranquil lifestyle.

Sunday saw us trekking to Montreal, uniting with the rest of our clan to celebrate my mother's 80th birthday. A grand time was had by one and all. So nice to see my brothers and sister, nephews and other relations. Rain on the way back that evening but all arrived home safe and sound. All in all, a very good weekend. Our trip to the Maritimes is looming. Can't wait to have my feet back in 'God's country' and walk the seashore again. We will visit Halifax/Dartmouth while down there, but probably spend most of our time down in 'The Valley'.

The forecast this weekend is for temps in the twenties. Grand weather for a road trip, what? And the registration for Alex Bay's 4th Annual 1,000 Island River Run (TIRR) has been mailed. Life is definitely good these days...

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