Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yes, we know... You're from Toronto...

So, this call comes in not long ago and I give our standard greeting, identifying who we are.

This voice from an older man comes floating through the receiver: "Yes... I'm phoning from Toronto. I'm looking to contact the M&D Towing company."

Me: "Umm... What you have reached here is the general enquiries line for the department of *****. We're actually part of the federal government of Canada... And you're looking to contact a private towing business???", I asked just to make sure I had heard right.

"Yes... that's right!"

I ask him how he found our service and he explained that through Google, he was led to our number.

"Well, sir... We're actually **** so I don't believe we would have that information."

"Hmmm... I see", he replied. Then after a pause: "You wouldn't know if they're still in business, would you...?"

In my mind's eye I pictured Walter Matthau on the other end of the line, just yanking my chain and trying not to burst into fits of uncontrollable laughter.

I once more situated him and again informed him that we would have no information whatsoever on private companies, whether in Toronto or any other part of the country.

I suggested that he might try availing himself of his local 411 services.

He informed me that he had and that they could find nothing on said company.

"Well" I suggested, "it doesn't seem as though they are around anymore, does it?"

Seemingly satisfied that he had covered all available bases, he thanked me and hung up.

Toronto callers... besides our paranoid, pot-smoking, conspiracy driven callers from the Left Coast, they're just the best.

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