Monday, March 15, 2010

First Ride...

So I was remiss in posting on Friday last. Friday morning was my first ride of the year for 2010. I rode into work and back home again. The weather was wonderful, though quite a bit cooler in the evening. There were no near-misses, no heart-palpitating moments, other than the ones which should be there. They started with thumbing the engine to life and backing her out of the garage.
The ride was unhurried and I savored it. I kept myself attuned to every motion and sound of the bike, as we wound our way down Innes, Jeanne D'Arc, St.Joseph and finally the Rockcliffe Parkway. The breeze was light and cool, though for +2 degrees, it felt decidedly warmer than that. There were only a few other vehicles on the Parkway at that time of the morning and all were well behaved. As we wound our way up the hill past the American ambassador's house, I noted the perennial wet spot on the other side of the road, where the stubborn ice-falls remained. Something I would have to contend with on the way home that evening. Not that it posed a problem, but I would have to clean up after having passed through it. ;)
The ride home at the end of the day was equally blissful and uneventful. No sight of deer along the Parkway, unfortunately. It did however feel very good to realize that the season might once more be upon us. The hibernation is over...
This week, the weather witches are calling for wonderful temperatures. I took advantage of same to ride in this morning and it was just grand. We'll see how I fare returning home this evening, as I finish considerably later this week. Still... what a nice way to round off a Monday, what...? :)

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