Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Agent 99...

Okay, so a little bit of trivia for this Friday evening. Today is the birthday of none other than Ms. Barbara Feldon, better known as Agent Maxwell Smart's (Don Adams) sidekick: Agent 99. I know there are literally herds of males from my generation, who had the proverbial 'horn' for the adorable Ms. Feldon. She played many other roles during her prolific career, but it is that one endearing character she played, from 1965-1970, that engraved her into the hearts of millions.
So wherever you may be in The Big Apple today, Ms. Feldon, do have yourself a happy one! Even though there has never been any connection between the Toto song "99" (written by keyboard player David Paich) and Ms. Feldon's character, I cannot hear that song without a series of vignettes of her, rolling through my mind. :)

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