Monday, March 1, 2010

Lassie come home...!!!

So as per usual, M-A got the best call today. Truth be known, it's probably already the best call of the week, hands down.

A young woman who shall remain nameless, but who is calling from an MP's office in Peterborough, ON, has a question from one of her constituents. She is sounding very officious and self-important, as these types of people always do. "I work for someone who is important and powerful, therefore by extension, so am I...", and other such rubbish.

So, she asks M-A: "Are there any rules, regulations or limitations in Canada, regarding the amount of time a Canadian citizen can spend outside from Canada...?"

M-A: "Uh-hhhhhhh..... So-ooo, you want to know if there are limitations on how long people can leave Canada for...?"

Her: "Yes...".

M-A: "Um-mmm... I've never had this question before..."

Her: "Yeah, I know. Me neither..."

M-A: "Well... I really don't think there is such a thing..."

Her: "Well... we have restrictions as to how long people can stay here in Canada..."

M-A: "Yes, but that's because they're NOT Canadians. They're not from here. We have immigration laws that regulate that... Their visas dictate how long they can stay here. It's not like their own governments call them home after a certain time."

Her: "So where can I find this out..."

M-A: "I really don't know what to tell you... 'cause..."

Her: "Well...okay...".

M-A admitted he really had no idea how to answer her, without making her look stupid.

"Relax, my good man", I told him. "For her, it was already too late"


Hilarious! As though after a certain date, we send agents around the world to round up all the truant Canadians and bring them back home. Dude... it's not like we live in Cuba or China...

That's as good as the female caller I once got from Toronto, who announced imperiously that she wanted the number for the Canadian Embassy...

"Why certainly, Ma'am... Canada has embassies in hundreds of countries. In which country were you looking to contact our embassy?"

"Why... For HERE!" she demanded.

"And which country might you be calling us from, Madam...?"

"From Toronto, Canada!!" she practically screamed.

I love this job...

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