Tuesday, March 9, 2010

An early spring...?

So last weekend we were treated to beautiful sunny weather and highs of 9 to 10 degrees celsius. The snow has been steadily relinquishing it's grip on lawns and fields, the roads were clear and dry and there are no really big heaps of sand or gravel haunting any of the curves out there. Needless to say, with this kind of weather there were bikes out a-plenty.

Baby however, was not one of them. I will admit to being lazy this year. Yes... I freely admit that I have neither changed the oil and filter, nor replaced the brake pads and/or bled the brake and clutch system on my trusty steed. I will even go so far as to confess that I have not even washed and re-oiled the K&N air filter, or even properly washed down the bike following her last ride of last year. True, she still looks fairly pristine from last season and there are only one or two bug carcasses on her windshield...

Still... I have properly cared for both steeds under my supervision. They are both full of fresh fuel, have been started up recently and have had their batteries maintained in tip-top shape. Following an inspection and topping up of their tire pressures, both steeds are road-ready as I sit writing this. There are no small, furry critters which have taken up residence in any of their airboxes or exhaust systems, they have not become a condo haven for myriads of homeless spiders. If truth were known, I have fussed more around my daughter's bike this winter, than I have my own.

I have no doubt that Baby will find her way out on the roads this week at some point. A little romp in the countryside would be just the thing for clearing away the cobwebs of another winter's hibernation. Yet all in all, it really hasn't been a very bad winter. Maybe that's why this spring, there isn't the same sense of urgency for getting back out there...?

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