Thursday, March 18, 2010

A very nice morning surprise...

It's funny how things happen. I had been thinking about my eldest daughter this morning, ever since I first got out of bed. As I made my way into work, I had just stopped at a traffic light as I rode down Jeanne D'Arc this morning, when all of a sudden I heard this "beep" behind me. Looking in my mirror, I see a little blue Mazda 3 with a young woman waving at me. It took but a second to figure out it was my daughter and I signalled to her that I would go around the corner when the light changed.

I pulled a couple of hundred feet down the street, before I stopped the bike at the curb and put her on her jiffy stand. My daughter pulled up behind me. I noticed she was dressed in civvies so she had a day off. We hugged and chatted for a bit. She confided that she had been following me since I left the Shell station at Innes and 10th Line Road. She had apparently beeped then, but I had been oblivious to it. She had recognized the bike and upon seeing my vest, concluded that it could only have been me. We talked about her recent decision to 'pull the pin' and submit her release papers from our military. I of course told her that I was completely behind her in her decision, if that is what she chose to do.

She talked about future plans that she and her man had, as well as the other decision of him opting out of the Forces as well. I mentioned that we really have to take a trip out to Syracuse, NY, to sample the fare at the famous Dinosaur Bar-B-Q. She agreed and mentioned that they both had been recently talking about just that. I checked my watch and told her that I had to get underway. We hugged again and wished each other a great day.

The rest of the ride in was made that much more pleasant, thanks to this chance encounter. We swooped and flowed along the Parkway, unhindered by either BCICs or Milton the Mountie. It was just a super way to start a Thursday... :)

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