Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Doc is happy...

I went in to the Ottawa General Hospital yesterday afternoon, for yet another follow-up appointment with my orthopedic surgeon Dr. Pollock. Predictably, I had to go through x-ray for an updated series of shots, before we got to chat. In the end, he again was quite happy and enthusiastic with both his own handiwork and my healing progress. He then slated me for a return visit in three weeks' time (16th of September), at which point I am to formally begin my physiotherapy.

In the meantime, he has instructed me to begin doing some 'pendulum exercises' with my arm, following my stretching exercises in the evening. These will allow the new ball and rotator at the top of my arm (where it connects to the shoulder socket...) to get used to moving around in small circles. Just one more small step forward, I suppose. I'm surprised that I've never asked him point-blank whether I'd have any problems riding again. I guess I'm just taking it for granted that I won't. Let's face it, there is nothing that I would let stop me from getting back in the saddle.

My good doctor was also kind enough to provide me with a prescription for some Tylenol 3s. Thanks to these, I managed to have an actual night's sleep last night. The first one in ages. I felt decidedly better as I drove into work this morning.

While I was standing outside on my break this morning, someone asked me if I hadn't been traumatized by the accident. The only thing that would traumatize me in any of this, is if there was a possibility of me not being able to ride again. Am I nervous about getting back on a bike? Hells, no!! I can't wait to be able to stretch out and grip the clutch lever. There will be no stopping me once I've managed to accomplish that...

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