Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The little things...

I climbed out of bed this morning at 0530, a half an hour before the alarm was due to go off. Primarily, because I just couldn't get comfortable and my shoulder was causing me grief. Secondly, because I got the notion that I would try to have a shower before heading into work today. Now, I have not had a shower at this point, since the accident on the 20th. of July.

Initially upon returning from the hospital, my lady would help me wash up with a facecloth as I stood in front of the sink. As I regained some mobility and my bandages were gradually retired, I was once more able to take charge of my own ablutions. It was still an imperfect process, but it served it's purpose. This morning, as soon as I had finished shaving, I turned on the shower and ditched my ever-present sling.

It felt incredibly good to just stand there in the stream of warm water. I found myself thinking how I had taken such a wonderful experience for granted. True, it was still a one-handed ordeal, but that Old Spice body wash had never smelled so good... nor could I recall feeling more refreshed once I had finished rinsing off. The towelling off proved a little problematic, as I simply threw a large towel across my back and trusted that over time it would suck the water off my body...

I suppose that psychologically, it was a win to simply be able to do one more thing that other 'normal people' do. It showed me that I had reached yet another benchmark, another stage at returning to normalcy. No matter that I resembled an arthritic bear as I attempted to dry myself afterwards. I had regained my independence and self-sufficiency on one more front. It's just a little thing, but I realize that it is this multitude of 'little things' which allows us to be who and how we are.

I will make a conscious effort from this day forth, to not take any of them for granted.

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