Tuesday, August 5, 2008

On the fraternity of riding...

Over my years of military service, I always felt a common bond with my fellow military, male and female. Not only for those I served with here at home, but for all military personnel of the free world, wherever they might be.

I have also noted over the years, that the same type of bond exists between most riders, if to a lesser extent. We are all part of a larger family and tend to be supportive of one another, regardless of what make or model bike we happen to ride (well okay, certain "Harleys Only" morons exluded...). I recently posted an article on the VTX Riders' website, basically describing what all I had been up to and the progress I had made to date. It was not long until I began receiving not only replies filled with good wishes and encouragement, but offers to supply whatever parts they could, so that Baby might once more be out in the wind.


Although certainly not surprised, I was genuinely touched by such generous offers. Big Dave has mailed a set of stock mirrors (both left and right), so that I might replace the left one. Mal has generously offered the port side VTX tank medallion. As he noted, it's from a fast, black bike, so it won't slow Baby down any. All the other parts required have been ordered, except for the foot pegs. I will order those in a couple of weeks, once I have paid off the other items.

My present goal is this: I have a little less than 3 months to recover enough to be able to ride. Once I am fit to ride, I plan on taking one last trip to Syracuse, NY to try those famous Dinosaur Bar-B-Q ribs. I'll bring back an order of pulled pork B-B-Q sandwiches to eat a little later on. That's my goal. If you don't have a goal, how do you work towards something?

It's all up to my healing. How well my body can recover from this latest setback... when I can begin my physiotherapy... when I can attain the desired amount of mobility in my arm. Good food, rest, exercise. I already have plenty of drive. As I mentioned to my home nurse, when she enquired as to whether I planned on riding again: "Ma'am... I'm Navy. The Senior Service! And you simply cannot stop us!!"


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