Wednesday, August 6, 2008

State of the Union...

It's now been roughly two and a half weeks since my 'unplanned get-off'. All in all, my recovery is coming along quite well. I'm down to only two bandaged sites, one of which (my right forearm) should be discontinued this week sometime. The road rash sustained on my left forearm has healed remarkably well. So much so that I don't anticipate any scarring whatsoever. That will leave only my knee. My dressings are now changed every three days, as opposed to every day. A good sign. The sprain in my ankle still causes me to limp slightly and the swelling has yet to subside to any appreciable degree. I will concentrate on that from this day on, though it's impossible to not use it.

My shoulder of course, remains the sticking point and will be for some time, I'm sure. It is a constant source of pain and I have been off pain meds since three days after having left the hospital. This has led to a shortage of actual sleep hours, as it's prety much impossible to find a comfortable position in which to sleep at night.

Last night however, I actually managed to grab some shut-eye in two to three hour blocks. A marked improvement. So the progress continues, seemingly unabated. I am hopeful that my next appointment with my surgeon, slated for tomorrow at 0900, will provide me with some insight as to what is next on the agenda.

As for Baby, she waits patiently on her lift. The broken and scraped parts have been removed and she's been cleaned up. Most required replacement parts have been ordered or have been sent by mail to me, from my good brothers of the Canadian VTX Riders crew. By week's end, I will be doing some more wrenching on Baby, as I begin replacing those parts. The anticipation is just like Christmas when I was a wee lad. I'll drain and replace the hydraulic clutch fluid while I'm at it, as well as bleeding the front and rear brakes. It's all therapy for me. Physical as well as emotional. We'll heal together...

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