Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Where has my summer gone...?

I note as I sit here, that we are currently at the 12th of August. This morning I noticed as I stepped outside, there was a distinct coolness to the air. It has been 23 days since the accident. 3 weeks and 2 days without riding. What remains of summer, is slipping away inexorably... like grains of sand through my fingers. I suppose I'm feeling somewhat melancholic because I have yet to resign myself to missing the rest of the riding season. I refuse to accept that it's a done deal for this year...

Yes, there is still that little voice inside of me that's saying: "Well c'mon... be realistic. You haven't even started physio yet! Your shoulder is still mending from the surgery. They can't possibly start you on any physio program before it's healed...". I know this. I accept it. But still, I remained convinced that as soon as I'm cleared to start my physio, I'll be at it like gangbusters. I am convinced that I can regain enough mobility to ride safely and competently, before the weather turns too cold and the snow flies. After all, I only need a nice weekend to accomplish the present goal I've set for myself. The trip to Syracuse, NY.


In the meantime, for those first few shorter trips, there is always Merrickville, Almonte, Smith Falls, Montreal, Morrisburg, Iroquois, Brockville, etc... I will take those rides to focus on my basics and gauge my own performance at the controls. Once I'm happy with that, I'll invite my spouse to come along if she wishes. Then hopefully, we'll get to do Syracuse again. Even if she decides not to go or follows in the vehicle. Once the snow flies, I'll spend the winter working my body. Getting stronger, improving my flexibility, maybe even shedding a few pounds... This accident will not end up being something which rendered me less capable. It will be an event which galvanized me into action and which will have left me more fit and capable that ever. It will be so because I wish it to be. I have the will, the drive, the focus, the strength of character required. I have this, my passion for the ride... to commune with my iron horse, my trusty steed, as we lean, bend and swoop as one, along the highways and byways.

Almost against my will, I am already planning what projects I might undertake on Baby this winter. True, there is very little left which might be done to her, other than a few small aesthetic additions. There is the matter of the license plate bracket. That should really be replaced by something a little classier:


Then there is the matter of cleaning up the rear fittings such as axles, plugs, caps, etc... Maybe a chrome cover set for the back end of the frame around the swingarm pivot area, and one for the drive shaft itself...



She has treated me very well, has provided me with untold hours of pleasure as we've travelled along. It's the very least I can do for her. But that will be for this winter. Winter is not here yet. Nor is fall...
Though it may feel like it at times, my summer is not yet gone. Not yet...

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