Thursday, August 21, 2008

A fundamental lack of understanding...

Recently, certain parts of New Brunswick and Quebec have had their coastal waters invaded by an inordinately large series of 'red tides'. A red tide is a discoloration of the sea caused by an accumulation of micro-organisms (dinoflagellates), which produce a substance that may contaminate shellfish. They are also sometimes referred to as algae blooms. Red tides occur naturally in coastal ocean waters, when certain environmental and climactic conditions are favorable to them. They are like the monsoons, earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes or the cycle of the locusts. They are created by nature. There is no defense against them and certainly no way to prevent them. Nature will simply have it's way...

Paralytic shellfish poisoning is a condition in humans caused by eating shellfish that have been contaminated by the micro-organisms that produce red tide.

So with this basic understanding under our belts, witness the contents of a translated e-mail which we received only yesterday from an irate woman in Quebec:

"For many days now, we have heard talk of these toxic red tides which are travelling up the St.Lawrence River, towards it's estuary. These tides have been responsible for the deaths of many sea birds and mammals (?). The body count increases daily. Fishing has been closed in many areas, which leads to the shutting down of the fishing industry and lack of work for the fishermen.

I want to know why Canada (note: not 'our government', but you guys...the other country next door...) doesn't get out it's pumping gear for these red tides. I understand there are heavy costs associated with this type of operation, but then again if this had been a marine oil spill, actions would have ben taken by now.

It seems as though everyone is just standing by waiting with their arms crossed, watching the ill effects of this red tide on our environment. Yet it is producing damages similar to any oil spill."

The only element missing from this 'Super Bowl of Stupidity', is the usual rant of: "If this was happening anywhere but the province of Quebec, the Canadian government would do something about it!!!" Oh yeah... they ingest their persecution complex straight from their mother's milk, from day one.

It should be needless to mention this, but why not: There is no government, force or entity that we know of, which can stem a red tide. Not even Superman could combat the effects of one, if he were real. So for any individual to think that our own government has some sort of overriding control over Nature herself...? Well, that's just pretty special...

It's like suggesting that respective governments cork all active volcanoes. Or perhaps that we ban the forming of tornadoes anywhere in Canada. Or forbid the presence of tsunamis along the West Coast... Sign a moratorium on heavy snowfalls, perhaps...?

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